After an incredible four years, I’m celebrating closing this chapter in venture at Bloomberg Beta and welcoming my next adventure as Partner for Fundraising & Admissions at On Deck.

The very good humans at Bloomberg Beta

Six years ago, I was eager to break into the world of startups, but I lived in New York and worked in financial services; Silicon Valley seemed out of reach. For two years, I read all the books, packed my free time with tech meetups, wrote cold emails to founders, and even flew to San Francisco to meet with operators who were gracious enough to answer my questions.

Then I met…

Don’t let the campy, bubble-gum pink, and vibrant set and costume design fool you. Promising Young Woman may force you to, as it did with me, contend with the uncomfortable familiarity of the film’s darker themes around consent, sexism, and shame. Multiple viewings later, I’m still thinking about several scenes from the film while replaying the intentionally female-forward soundtrack featuring familiar voices of fallen pop stars of yesteryear.

*Spoilers ahead for the film, so if you haven’t seen it, you were warned.*

Promising Young Woman is bleak, and in terms of a hero’s journey, intentionally dissatisfying.

The #MeToo movement made us all too familiar with the blatant injustices of sexual harassment and assault. It’s…

My family is not often one for grand gestures or words of affirmation. Instead, we speak through acts of service, and of all of us, my father’s tireless commitment to our family’s wellbeing rings loudest.

I wrote most of the below post 6 years ago as a thank you letter to my dad. I was nearing the end of my time in university and felt that I hadn’t properly expressed what an instrumental role he played in shaping my ambitions and worldview. …

I have three windows open, but I’d be lying if I said I could see clearly right now. Each window features so many tabs that the tightly packed icons have been rendered nearly indistinguishable. It’s a decent reflection of my frenetic brain state these last few days.

Many of our lives — mine included — were upended these last two weeks. We went from commuting to our offices to cordoning off “home offices” inside cramped apartments, and from rarely giving thought to hand washing to doing so every chance we get for fear of hurting ourselves and others around us…

A few weeks ago, our team at Bloomberg Beta collaborated with Jen Yip, founder of Renaissance Collective to bring together our communities of Smart Generalists, founders, and those on the cusp of their next career moves to hear from four early operators on what to consider when joining a startup early in a non-engineering role. Below are several tactical takeaways from our discussion.

A conversation with early operators (from left to right): David King (early Product Manager at Google), Gloria Lin (first Product Manager at Stripe), Ryan Johnson (first Operations at Opendoor), Camille Ricketts (first Marketing at Notion)

So you want to join a startup in a non-engineering role. You’re a fast learner and a resourceful problem solver. You have exceptional writing, communications, and interpersonal skills, and thrive on making decisions in ambiguous, cross-functional environments…

A big part of my SF family: the good humans at Bloomberg Beta

Two years ago, I embraced a lot of new: a cross country move (👋, SF), a new job in a new industry (👋, venture), plus a whole new community.

I’m feeling a waterfall of gratitude for the leaders, peers, friends I’ve met and worked with in SF. I’ve benefited from their generosity, so in the hopes of paying it forward, here are the most impactful lessons they’ve shared over the last two years:

1. “Being mostly focused is roughly the same as being completely unfocused.” — Roy Bahat

I certainly wouldn’t be in SF without Roy Bahat. He took me up on my unabating curiosity to be closer to founders and startups and welcomed me…

Our team with early-stage founders at our most recent holiday gathering

At Bloomberg Beta, we believe that there are exceptional individuals with great ideas who likely have the skills to build a company but lack the network or personal financial means to get started. So we’re announcing an experiment we’re calling Bloomberg Beta Beacon.

We will invest a small amount of capital — $100k to enable very, very early-stage founders to explore an idea, validate a critical hypothesis, or build an early prototype.

Why are we doing this?

We believe that technology startups play an essential role in delivering a better future, and we believe that we can speed the arrival of that future by investing as early as possible in the best founders who share these intentions.

Beacons are a source of light and inspiration, and we aspire to be a part of your…

Photo by John-Mark Kuznietsov via Unsplash

52 weeks of education from 52 books, 500+ hours of podcasts, and endless conversations

Fueled by technology, our society is obsessed with the new and next big thing. While neomania drives our ability to continually ideate/design/build/ship, it also leaves little time for introspection and reflection. I’m no exception. I have a genuine love for enrichment through education, and my brain acts as a sponge, absorbing knowledge and constantly seeking its applications. This time last year, I set out intent on ensuring that my learning did not stop simply because I was no longer in an academic setting.

Over 52 weeks, I read 52 books, listened to 500+ hours of podcasts, perused thousands of articles/blog…

Photo cred: Drew Patrick Miller

Focusing on the user experience of podcasting

Three weeks ago, Patrick and I launched the pilot episode of our very own podcast. What began as a fun idea to talk about how society is changing due to technology advancements quickly became a reality as we huddled around his microphone one evening to start recording.

One of the most jarring parts of this creative process has been listening to our playbacks and realizing that standalone audio content requires us to be painstakingly mindful speakers. …

Conversations on how tech is changing society

Hello, friends,

Today, we’re excited to launch of our new podcast, In What World. In it, my co-host Patrick and I talk about some of today’s shifting technologies and how they are redefining our understanding of social, economic relations. And while we can’t wait for you to be a part of these conversations, we wanted to share in words how and why In What World came to be.

Patrick and I are part of a unique generation that’s experienced one hell of a technological revolution. We remember what it was like to watch movies on VHS, learn to type on…

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